2020 has been a devastating year for people all over the world. Those not touched by the pandemic directly have still had to cope with the loss of freedoms and many of the things they enjoy. Big Future is an event to highlight all the ways our world can and will change for the better in the coming months and years, showcasing inventions, entertainment and ideas that prove the best is yet to come. The event is hosted by Alea Global Group.

Alea Global Group

Alea Global Group is the company name of the Al Duaij family, based in Kuwait.

The Al Duaij family have a long history of charity and philanthropy going back many generations. Not only is a popular Kuwaiti souk named after the family, but there is also an historic water foundation set up in their name to ensure access to clean water for all.

This philanthropy can be found throughout Alea Global Group’s business operations too.