A Love Story That Defied Borders, Politics And Logic?

Date held: 30 April 2021

Time: 23:00 GST & 21:00 GMT
Duration: 45 minutes
Platform: Zoom

By: Leah Zveglich
Leah Zveglich is a Korean with dual heritage, a global citizen, and a nomad making a home where her heart and friends are. She is a musician turned entrepreneur, who is an advisor for family-owned businesses and social enterprise advocate. She lives in the metro NY area in the US.

Mind The Gap!

Big Future Ahead!

Date held: Thursday 25 March 2021

Time: 18:00 GST & 14:00 GMT
Duration: 45 minutes 
Platform: Zoom

By: Yanki Margalit
Social Entrepreneur, Futuristic Thinker, Investor